10 Top Tips for First-Time Managers

10 Top Tips for First-Time Managers

10 Top Tips for First-Time Managers
Congratulations on your promotion.  You've been doing your role so well that you've been rewarded with another - management!

To put it simply, your new role as a team manager requires you to deliver results through people. and to achieve this you'll need to master a collective new set of people skills.

You'll also have a lot to contend with, so I've created these 10 Top Tips for First-Time Managers to help you advance quicker and smarter!

1. Find a mentor - someone who's been in a similar position to support you and 'bounce ideas off'. Someone who is willing to guide you through this key part of your career.

2. You're only human- be brave and understand that you may make mistakes, so apply what you've learnt and move on. 'Thinking on your feet can feel lonely'.

3. Get clarity - meet your line manager get clear goals defined with timelines and behaviours required from yourself and your team. Also, discuss any challenges, budget constraints or potential performance management issues.

4. Your people - meet 'one on one' to learn what 'drives' them and what they need to work at their best. 'For us to work well together it'll be useful to know what makes you tick'.

5. Your team - Your most important asset! You won't have time to build a high performing team in your first week, but you'll need to get them working well together from the start. Help them get to know each other, give them a sense of direction and establish ways of working well together.

6. Lead by example - you've proven you know your stuff, now continue to be visible and credible and 'walk the talk' because your behaviour sets the tone for your team.

7. Meetings - i. have a clear objective, 'At the end of this meeting I want…'. ii. List priorities, 'We must cover…'. iii. Stay on topic. iv. Everyone gives feedback. v. Create action points stating who will do what, and by when.

8. Focus - to help you focus on the necessary and eliminate the unnecessary, keep asking the question 'Why are we doing this?'

9. Problems - encourage open conversations, even about problems. The sooner you know about problems the sooner you can deal with them. You may not have a solution to everything right now, but together, you can come up with far better answers.

10. Social skills - there is no 'best way' to manage everyone because we're all unique. However, we human beings are sociable creatures so think about your social skills; how you communicate with your team, will influence their thoughts and feelings which impact the quantity and quality of their work.

To conclude, you'll be navigating challenges on a daily basis. So, remove any negativity and always remain positive because your team are your best asset, they will be more creative and productive when you and they are happy!  What do you think?

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