Better Workplace Relationships Leads to Better Business

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Better Workplace Relationships Leads to Better Business

You've hired the right people, ensured they have the 'tools' for their job, supported their CPD and diligently carry out their annual performance appraisals but somethings not right in your workplace.

It's easy to spot poor timekeeping and personal conflict issues or maybe through your performance management plan you've identified the need to improve the quality of relationships between everyone in the workplace.

Personal assessment tools have many uses, including conflict management, motivation, productivity and career development.

Personal assessment tools that are simple and memorable provide a common language to help people and teams understand one another and work better together.  They are based on an understanding of our different behavioural styles which includes our priorities, motivators and stressors.

Everyone has a unique blend of different styles and priorities, and these differences are extremely valuable. Assessing and making use of these differences enables us to create a healthier organization.

The first step is understanding ourselves so we can become better when working with others.

 The next step is to learn about others around us and their preferred styles and how they differ from our own.   Then, with practice we can adapt our behaviour to improve the quality of our workplace and build more effective working relationships.

For example, if we're dealing with someone who is driven by victory and bottom line results we may need to get quickly to the point and maintain a fast pace.  When dealing with someone whose goals are popularity and approval we should adopt an energetic and high spirited approach.  For those who prefer harmony and stability a friendly and patient approach will work best.  Finally for those whose goals are accuracy and quality we need to understand they take pride in achieving superior results but may seem a little detached.

A memorable personality assessment tool acts as a springboard for conversation and develops more effective relationships resulting in improved employee engagement and workplace communication.  In addition they can also develop critical interpersonal business skills such as sales, leadership, management and team building.

It would be great to hear how you achieve better workplace relationships because they lead to a better workplace and a better business, so please add your thoughts!