5 Top Tips for Dealing with Miss Chatty!

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5 Top Tips For Dealing With Miss Chatty!

Cassie drives a white Fiat 500, convertible of course. It’s actually more of a sliding roof than a convertible but she’s had sooooo many good times out with the girls that the Mini Cooper soft-top is ‘on ice’.  But that’s not bothering her, it’s still fab fun 🙂

The bubbly events co-ordinator drives through the car park at work roof down all year round, calling out a cheery ‘yoohoooos’ with a lovely warm smile.

She strides through the main doors wearing her stylish yellow dress making small talk with Security, sharing anecdotes with the cleaner and simply can’t get past the Receptionist without sharing what happened with who last night’. LOLs and OMGs fill the corridors with spontaneous laughter!

Cassie is lively, energetic, loves working in a team and is the go-to person when you need the works party arranging.

That’s great, but we’re here to get things done aren’t we?

And how are we supposed to get stuff done when Cassie insists on nattering to everyone AND all of the time. And what about her own work, with less chat couldn't she get more done?

Cassie chats too much, too fast and has an attention span that’s waaaaay too short. Or has she?

You see, Cassie is outspoken, but she's also accepting, enthusiastic and has no idea why some people are so damn miserable.  She loves her work because after all, it's just part of life, isn't it?

5 Top Tips for Dealing with Chatty People like Cassie

  1. Let them tell you how they feel
  2. Be careful, they quickly feel rejected
  3. Help with their focus and organising
  4. Be aware of them over-selling ideas
  5. They need popularity, visible rewards and freedom from details

These Top Tips are great to get you started, but the best way to help Cassie and her team learn about their workplace behaviours is to complete a personal assessment tool.

It will help them to discuss their different behaviours (which Cassie will love!) so they can get along better and get more done.

So jump on the phone and speak with me for up to one hour, free of charge, and I'll tell you how we can get Chatty Cassie and her team working better and working better together.

Plus I'll also send your a free Workplace or Team sample Profile!

Best regards, Jon

https://uk.linkedin.com/in/jonbritain, 01733 860367.

ps. I hope you've enjoyed reading these 5 Top Tips For Dealing Miss Chatty and will also take a look at the three others blogs that complete this series: Mr Bossy, Mr Steady and Mrs Careful.  Have fun!

Why your meetings must have conflict & context

If you're a manager or a leader the chances are that you're involved meetings of some sort.

This is because they are a crucial activity of every business, where we make decisions about how we spend our time and energy in the future.
All good stuff, except all too often, they're unproductive and as boring as hell, aren't they?

Bad meetings are a painful and underestimated problem in most businesses. And probably the most boring, tedious, uninspiring part of our jobs and why we say they're so frustrating and pointless.

But they don't have to be this way! It's possible to transform your meetings into compelling, productive and even fun activities.
Do this and you'll get massive rewards - more done and more done quicker.

So why are most meetings so boring and ineffective?

It all boils down to two things, a lack of conflict and context.

1. Conflict: This is why they're boring. We need to get stuck in and take part in conflict with passionate discussions and challenging ideas to keep people engaged and get results. Note: It's important to stick to productive conflict, not the personal back-stabbing type.

Conflict may cause discomfort, but if it's not tackled in the meeting it'll cause suffering in the corridors or at the water cooler.

Tell your team you expect more conflict from them. For some this wlll feel uncomfortable, but they'll have to get comfortable feeling uncomfortable!

2. Context: This is why they're ineffective. Many organisations have one type of meeting where ideas are randomly discussed, such as admin, tactics and strategy. A sort of meeting stew!

When this happens people lack clarity and can't work out exactly what they should be doing. Brainstorming, debating, listening or weighing in?
To get a clear purpose of what's going on we need a little structure of say 3 types of meetings.

1. Daily Admin/Check-In: Just 5 minutes while standing up to get everyone aligned for the day.
2. Weekly Tactical: 60 minutes where everyone reports their priorities in 60 secs before drawing up an agenda about the stuff you measure: revenue, expenses, customer satisfaction, etc.
3. Monthly Strategy: The most interesting and even fun meeting where you analyse, debate and decide the big issues.

Right now you're probably thinking okay, but there's no way I have time for all those meetings! Well, there is, and here's why.

All those meetings will use up just 10% of your time, leaving you 90% to focus on everything else you have to do such as creating a vision, planning or maybe business lunch or two!

Meetings are a key part of a healthy organisation.  Good meetings get rid of your people's fears about people speaking honestly about their hopes, disappointments and frustrations to create a high performing team.

So jump on the phone and call me for up to one hour, free of charge and I'll explain how your team meetings can be exciting and productive to give your business a competitive advantage!

Let's speak on 07557 514880 and connect on LinkedIn!

Best regards, Jon.

Why your meetings must have conflict and context