5 Signs Your Organisation Is Healthy

It's easy to see when some things are healthy. Your dog eats breakfast like he's never been fed, your child does twenty laps of the kitchen table because he can and when you jump in your car the dashboard doesn't light up like a Christmas Tree.

But what about your business, is it healthy? This might not be something you think about everyday but whatever your business, it needs to be healthy to be successful.  This is because it’s the best opportunity to improve your business and gain a sustainable competitive advantage.

A business is healthy when it has the ability to align, execute, and renew itself faster than the competition to provide sustainable high performance.  I'll put in plain words.

'Smart' and 'Healthy'
To start with, we need to know that any business aiming to maximise its success, must comprise of two essential parts.  It must be 'smart' and 'healthy'.

Smart organisations are good at the classic fundamentals of business including strategy, finance, marketing and technology. No surprises there then.

But although the smart side is critical for success it's only half of the equation but takes up almost all of the time and energy of it's leader.

Daft eh? Here's why. When well educated leaders attempt to make improvements they look in the smart side because this is what they know, they've been trained in strategy, finance, marketing or technology. They feel comfortable here working with spreadsheets and Gantt charts and measurable data.

The messy side
The flip of the healthy side of the equation involves people.  They try to avoid this side because it involves subjective conversations which can become difficult, emotional and messy.  Even though they know that politics and confusion are causing pain in their business.

They miss the opportunity of creating a healthy organisation and go back to shifting figures around which only gives small and brief gains.  This is because knowledge is everywhere and is spread so easily that the advantage gained is short-lived.

Why healthy wins
Most organisations have plenty of intelligence, knowledge and expertise to be successful but their culture can be way too unhealthy to sustain a competitive business.

Smart is important but leaders should prioritise healthy over smart for the reason that healthy organisations get smart over time. This is because leaders learn from each other, identify issues and recover quicker from mistakes.

They can get over problems and create solutions faster than their competitors because there's no politics and confusion to get in the way.  The best way to see if an organisation is healthy is to look for signs.

The 5 Signs of a Healthy Organisation

  1. Minimal politics
  2. Minimal confusion
  3. High morale
  4. High productivity
  5. Low turnover of best staff

Right now you're probably thinking 'that's it?' or 'I knew that' because everyone recognises this stuff.

You see, when you get rid of egos, dysfunctions and politics you'll tap into the intelligence of your people and teams to make better decisions a whole lot quicker than your competitors. In addition they create environments in which their employees do the same.

So where do I start to create a healthy organisation?

The best place to start is to create a cohesive leadership team and that's why I want you to jump on the phone and speak with me for up to one hour free of charge.

Because although organisational heath is straight forward enough, it's hard work and I want your business to succeed too!

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