5 Top Tips For Dealing With Mr Bossy!

5 Top Tips For Dealing With Mr Bossy - Advancing Business People

5 Top Tips For Dealing With Mr Bossy!

You're at work, head down and getting on with what needs to be done when you look up and think 'oh, please, no!'

He's heading your way and his dominant manner means he acts like he's your boss. You're sure he's had an 'invisible promotion' because within minutes he's told you what to do and exactly how to do it.

Meet Bossy Bill ! There's no niceties with Bill, he's straight to the point, talks quickly and talks a lot more than he listens. I'd be quite happy if he parked up his Beemer and just sat in office staring at his certificates while playing with his latest expensive watch.

Not only do you think he's bossy, he's pushy and rude too

People like Bill are blunt, lack empathy and sensitivity and are impatient too, aren't they?

Or are they?

You see, Bill doesn't see himself like that. Bill says he's the one that gets stuff done because 'it's all about results'. He enjoys being a bit of a maverick and working on gut feelings, but he does have a track record of achievement.

So what to do? Well, we have a choice. When people like Bill are bossy it can bring out the worst in us and how we react.

So, use these 5 Top Tips to deal with Bill and avoid those bad feelings.

5 Top Tips for Dealing with Bossy Bill

1. Get to the point and stick to the topic

2. Give him the big picture, not the details

3. Don’t take his bluntness personally

4. Be clear about what’s expected

5. Give him challenges/power/prestige as appropriate

Okay, so I might have stereotyped Bill just a little (!) but I hope you get the point that people go about doing things differently, and if we make an effort to understand ourselves and others in the workplace we’re far more likely to enjoy getting things done together.

The best way by a country mile to learn about your workplace behaviours is to take a personal assessment and yes, I might just happen to have one waiting for you today!

So jump on the phone and speak with me for up to one hour absolutely free of charge and take the first step to avoiding the frustrations of dealing with people like Bill in your workplace!

Best regards, Jon

ps. I hope you've enjoyed reading these 5 Top Tips For Dealing With Mr Bossy will also take a look at the three others blogs that complete this series: Miss Chatty, Mr Steady and Mrs Careful.  Have fun!

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