5 Top Tips For Dealing With Mrs Careful

5 Top Tips For Dealing With Mrs Careful - Advancing Business People

5 Top Tips For Dealing With Mrs Careful - Advancing Business People

Even as a little girl Cathy followed all the rules. She arrived at lessons on time, sat quietly, listened carefully and completed her homework diligently - a perfect pupil!
However, she was never going to be the teacher's pet simply because it was all too easy for her teacher to forget she was even there.

She never misbehaved, rarely raised her hand to answer a question and hated having to stand at the front and read to the class. To others Cathy seemed detached, but she didn't need to be popular, she just needed to be right!

Unsurprisingly Cathy did well at school and made good progress through her career as a Data Analyst. She enjoys collecting and carefully analysing data before accurately presenting her results in charts and graphs. Her ability to meticulously and orderly focus on tasks and processes are why she is a well respected member of the team.

Which is great, except she doesn't see herself as part of the team and neither do her team.

You see, she's independent but also sceptical. She speaks quietly, slowly and with lots of detail. Her colleagues find her difficult to read and find it hard to get to know her as she rarely attends social events such as the works Christmas Party.

People like Cathy are low maintenance, committed and organised. But they get bogged down with details, making it difficult for them to see the big picture. And are the're obsessed with being right, are't they?

So here's 5 Top Tips to help you get along better with people like Cathy

1. Give them the chance to show her expertise
2. Support your opinions with facts
3. Give them personal autonomy
4. Expect scepticism
5. Help them to accept others' ideas

These 5 Top Tips will get you on the right road to getting along better with Cathy. However to get the best from her you'll need to dig a little deeper.

So jump on the phone and call me free of charge for up to one hour and I'll tell you how to do this because there's lots to gain from their high standards, careful analysis and diplomacy. Plus, she may even join your Christmas Party!

Best regards, Jon

https://uk.linkedin.com/in/jonbritain, 01733 860367.

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