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ADVANCING Business people

Advancing Business People is here to create healthy organizations, which may mean solving a few people problems!

Healthy organizations are free from politics and confusion.  As leaders and managers, it’s our job to create a culture where people get along, enjoy their work and enjoy working together.  This results in higher morale, productivity and your best people wanting to stay.

There are five basic components or organizational health; leadership, teamwork, culture, strategy and meetings.

A good place to start could be to use The Everything DiSC Workplace Profile which is great for improving the quality of workplace relationships through better communication and specifically

  • team building
  • one on one coaching  
  • employee engagement  
  • conflict management  

Or we could start by creating a cohesive Leadership Team, using The Five Behaviours of a Cohesive Team.

Then we could look at some critical interpersonal business skills including

The success of your business rests with your people and organizational health is your greatest opportunity for competitive advantage.

So take the pressure off yourself, give me a call today!

Jon Britain

Jon is an experienced Learning and Development professional and a Chartered Manager (CMgr).

He is a people and team development specialist and an organisational health  consultant.  Organisational health integrates the following basic components: leadership, teamwork, culture, strategy and meetings.  Organizational health is your ultimate sustainable competitive advantage! 

Jon has worked with a wide range of sectors including Charity, Leisure, Hospitality, Education, Accountancy & Finance and Agriculture.

His training style is engaging, participative and wherever possible fun too!

So whether you'd like to speak about teams, customer service, sales, communication, assertiveness, management, time management, change management or any other interpersonal skills, give Jon a call.


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