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Why your business must be healthy

Why your business must be healthy!

Just so we're clear, this doesn't require you to carry out monthly check's on your staff for signs of love handles, cold feet and going grey before they're 40 😉

It's about how organisational health can be a driving force for your business to beat your competition, so let's crack on!

So what is organisational health?

Organisational health is when your management, operations, strategy and workplace culture all fit nicely together and make sense. I know that sounds a bit airy fairy so I'll tell you what it looks like in a minute.

Why do I need a healthy organisation?

The simple answer is that organisational health is your organisation's greatest opportunity for improvement and competitive advantage. Your business really needs a competitive advantage because without one it's going to be a mighty struggle!

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There are two requirements for a healthy organisation

Your business must be both smart and healthy.


Smart means being good in the traditional areas of business such as strategy, finance, technology and marketing. And this is where the majority of leaders spend most of their time, which means they neglect the other part of the equation, the healthy part.


You can tell when an organisation is healthy because you'll see

  • low politics and confusion
  • high productivity and morale
  • low turnover of good staff

If you can see these five signs in your business, fantastic!

However, despite most leaders knowing they need to see these signs in their businesses and knowing they need to spend more time on the healthy side, they go right back to what they know, the smart side of the equation!

So why do leaders neglect the healthy side?

They go right back to their strategy or marketing plans since that's what they know, because that's what they were trained to do. They tweak their spreadsheets and Gantt charts because that's what they're comfortable with, but gains to be found here are minimal. They also want to avoid the healthy side because it means getting into conversations with their people that can be awkward, subjective and emotional. Things can get messy!

Don't miss the benefits of a healthy organisation

Most leaders who miss out on employee satisfaction, communication, co-operation and true team work.  Don't be like them. Simply ask using the Contact Us form or call me today to talk about the benefits that will dramatically improve your business, without things getting messy!

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