Get an insight into how people really think about you!

Get an insight into how people really think about you - Advancing-Business-People

Success is achieved through people'. You've probably heard this 100 times, right?
The most successful people are those with the best people skills, especially when things get tricky!

So you involve them in your decision-making, motivate them, communicate with clarity, invite feedback and do everything a good leader should.

You're not Richard Branson but you're doing a cracking job, aren't you?
But what do they think? Maybe they want you to…

  • talk about things more directly and honestly.
  • help them see how they fit into the bigger picture.
  • tell you to think before telling them, because they just don't 'get you'.

No-one's perfect, but wouldn't it be great if this was no longer a problem?
So what's the secret?  It all boils down to a few things...

Using a 360 degree developmental tool you'll get a simple 3 step process to help you...

  1. Understand how others see you as a leader
  2. Identify your strengths and areas for development
  3. Learn three strategies to become a more effective

By discovering people's frustrations and fears in their own words you gain an insight into how people really think about you.

Whether you're a team leader or a senior executive, your personalised report is one of the best ways to discover your strengths and weaknesses.

And the best bit is that you get your next steps with 3 things you can focus on right now.

I can't turn you into Richard Branson because like him you have your own style and ways of doing things. But when you discover what others really think, with a few tweaks both you and others will get a lot more done!
If you'd like a free sample 360 degree profile simply get in touch right here.

Best regards, Jon.

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Your Body Is Talking, But What’s It Saying?

Your body is talking but what's it saying - Advancing Business People

Your Body is talking, but what's it saying?

I speak two languages, Body and English, said Mae West, who sure knew the value of body language.  She used it to her advantage as an actress, singer and sex symbol over seven decades.

Making a Presentation

I’ll bet at some stage you've taken part in an important meeting or delivered a key presentation, right?  Unfortunately you probably left the room thinking that it didn’t go as well as you'd hoped, but just couldn't put your finger on exactly why.

You'd done your prep, practiced and memorised the main points to project yourself as a confident and credible person.  So what happened?

Well, the chances are it wasn't your words... it was your moves!
In fact you'd probably sabotaged your presentation before you'd even said a word!

Within a very short time frame your audience had already subliminally evaluated your likeability, trustworthiness and credibility - all in the first seven seconds!

Even before you speak, your gestures, posture, facial expressions and eye contact have already spoken. It's the same in your workplace too. It's a long time before your performance in the workplace proves them right or wrong. They've already made an emotional decision whether to follow, trust you or even listen to you.

The two channels of communication

Any time you're negotiating, inspiring or delegating you're communicating over two channels, verbal and nonverbal. This results in two distinct conversations going on at the same time.

There's been much debate about the research of Professor Albert Mehrabian which tells us that if emotions are involved, words only account for 7 % of the meaning, with 55% for how you look and 38% for how you sound.

Most people use these stats incorrectly because these figures ONLY apply when talking about emotional issues.  However, I think what we can agree here, is that we need to look and sound good!

Workplace Leaders

Body language is a useful skill for everyone but within the workplace it's especially important for leaders.  It affects their ability to communicate their vision, negotiate, manage change, promote collaboration, inspire and the list goes on.

Unfortunately most leaders are out of touch with the effects body language has on others and unaware that non-verbal signals are sent to clients and colleagues. So use it to get an advantage!

Top Tip for Non Verbal Communication: Smile

Smile, you're on somebody's camera, 'click!'
With YouTube postings to mobile phones with video capability to image driven social media there's no escaping the visual technology revolution.
And we're only just beginning to see the impact on businesses around the world.

By 2017, video will account for 69% of all consumer internet traffic and according to Cisco, and will begin to dominate many marketing strategies soon. Video is the future and now you can add it to your Facebook Business Profile too.

A smile is a simple way to show you're you're happy and confident. It asks people to accept you on a personal level and the remarkable thing is it's contagious!

What about you, do you smile enough?

When we get nagging staff off your back and stop drama from knocking on your door, I'm sure you'll smile a lot more  🙂

So jump on the phone and ask me the best way to develop you people before you reach your wits end!

Best regards, Jon

ps. Hopefully I've gained your interest in this article, so why not share your top tip and leave a comment? As the late Bob Hoskins said... 'It's good to talk!'
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5 Top Tips For Dealing With Mr Bossy!

5 Top Tips For Dealing With Mr Bossy - Advancing Business People

5 Top Tips For Dealing With Mr Bossy!

You're at work, head down and getting on with what needs to be done when you look up and think 'oh, please, no!'

He's heading your way and his dominant manner means he acts like he's your boss. You're sure he's had an 'invisible promotion' because within minutes he's told you what to do and exactly how to do it.

Meet Bossy Bill ! There's no niceties with Bill, he's straight to the point, talks quickly and talks a lot more than he listens. I'd be quite happy if he parked up his Beemer and just sat in office staring at his certificates while playing with his latest expensive watch.

Not only do you think he's bossy, he's pushy and rude too

People like Bill are blunt, lack empathy and sensitivity and are impatient too, aren't they?

Or are they?

You see, Bill doesn't see himself like that. Bill says he's the one that gets stuff done because 'it's all about results'. He enjoys being a bit of a maverick and working on gut feelings, but he does have a track record of achievement.

So what to do? Well, we have a choice. When people like Bill are bossy it can bring out the worst in us and how we react.

So, use these 5 Top Tips to deal with Bill and avoid those bad feelings.

5 Top Tips for Dealing with Bossy Bill

1. Get to the point and stick to the topic

2. Give him the big picture, not the details

3. Don’t take his bluntness personally

4. Be clear about what’s expected

5. Give him challenges/power/prestige as appropriate

Okay, so I might have stereotyped Bill just a little (!) but I hope you get the point that people go about doing things differently, and if we make an effort to understand ourselves and others in the workplace we’re far more likely to enjoy getting things done together.

The best way by a country mile to learn about your workplace behaviours is to take a personal assessment and yes, I might just happen to have one waiting for you today!

So jump on the phone and speak with me for up to one hour absolutely free of charge and take the first step to avoiding the frustrations of dealing with people like Bill in your workplace!

Best regards, Jon

ps. I hope you've enjoyed reading these 5 Top Tips For Dealing With Mr Bossy will also take a look at the three others blogs that complete this series: Miss Chatty, Mr Steady and Mrs Careful.  Have fun!

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Top Tips For Dealing With Mr Steady

Hare & tortoise - Advancing Business People

Bill's team were working on a priority job that had to be submitted by the close of play. They got stuck in, worked well and by lunchtime everyone had just about got their parts complete. That is everyone except Sam. He rarely gets his work done early, but this time he sure was under pressure to crack on.

You see, Sam is motivated by co-operation, so throughout the morning he was always on the lookout for opportunities to collaborate with and support his colleagues. He is a talented multi-tasker although he works at a slow and steady pace until something is complete. Because Sam is a team player he knew he had to catch up so he got his head down and conscientiously worked through his lunch.

Great effort! Although for some people this wasn't enough. Time was ticking. Bill was getting tense and cross. He was also doing a poor job at hiding his frustrations. Couldn't Sam at least look as if he's getting a move on? But rushing around like a headless chicken isn't Sam's way. He's patient and tolerant but he's also resistant to change. He works diligently but steadily.

However, it got too much for Bill who yelled suddenly at Sam, accusing him of being slow and putting the whole job in jeopardy. Although this hurt Sam, he didn't react, he never does. Being aggressive with Sam isn't helpful, it simply causes him to hide in his shell. People with Sam's working style are passive. They avoid conflict and may also hold grudges when they experience frustrations and resentments instead of facing issues head on.

Working with people like Sam is such a dilemma because they're patient, warm, friendly and always willing to help. But they're also rigid, slow, and have difficulty with prioritising. Don't they?

Use these 5 Top Tips to get along better with people like Sam

1. Show concern for their feelings
2. Offer your thoughts but be easy going
3. Be logical and organised
4. Tell them about change early
5. Avoid being forceful or confrontational

These Top Tips are a good start to helping help you get along better with your more cautious and reflective colleagues, but we can do much more. By digging a little deeper we can learn how to connect better with them, especially when problems need solving and things get a little tense.

So jump on the phone and speak with me for up to one hour absolutely free of charge and I'll tell you how to handle those tricky conversations with people like Sam because they deserve help with they're deadline dilemmas!

Best regards, Jon.

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I hope you've enjoyed reading Top Tips For Dealing With Mr Steady and you can find many more right here!