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How to make managing a whole lot easier!

If you're a manager you're accountable for getting things accomplished, right?  And ultimately your management work such as raising morale, output and customer satisfaction goes towards your business realising it's results, such as a nice big profit.

Because it's your people's behaviour that gets work done it' has to be the best place to begin.  Improved workplace relationships make enhanced businesses and at the heart of better relationships is trust.

And who better to begin with than you, the manager!  You need to be aware of yourself before you can understand and connect with others.  So you'll find out your DiSC management style and learn how to adapt and use other styles too. This is because your usual management style may not always make it possible you to connect with others.  When you've become skilled at adopting other styles you'll be able to manage, motivate and delegate more effectively.

Also you'll be able to connect better with your people which will help you create strong and upbeat relationships. This in turn will help you generate a culture of trust which allows your people to feel comfortable about bringing tricky issues or ideas to your notice.

In addition you'll have your finger on the pulse of your department or business .  This will enable you to have a much better idea about what's really happening in your workplace and that will make your job of managing, motivating and delegating much easier!

So if you're a supervisor, new manager or been managing for longer than you can remember, hop on the phone and give me a call.  Because it's not hard to make your job of managing much, much easier!


Find me on LinkedIn because it would be great to connect.  See you there!  Jon.

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Everything DiSC® Management Profile

Uses:  Manager training, delegation, motivation, leadership development, executive coaching and career development

Who it’s for:  Stand-alone profile for anyone aspiring to or in a managerial or supervisory position

Benefits: Improve management skills and flexibility. Discover your DiSC management style and learn how to adapt your style to manage, motivate and delegate more effectively

DiSC Management Model - Advancing Business People


  • Profile is for one person
  • Focuses on directing, motivating and developing the staff who report to you
  • Entire section devoted to working with your own manager
  • 26-page management-specific report to help managers at any level


Everything DiSC® Comparison Report: These 10-page research-validated follow-up reports build better relationships and make training stick! They can be created for any two participants to illustrate their similarities and differences.

Use these reports for greater understanding of how two individuals can better work together. This is a powerful tool to use with managers and their direct reports, for individuals in conflict, work partnerships or new hires.

Everything DiSC® Team View: This team report gives you an at-a-glance view of any group of people and their individual Everything DiSC maps. There is no limit to the number of people included in the report.

Everything DiSC® Group Culture Report: This report helps you establish the group’s DiSC culture and explore its advantages and disadvantages.  In addition, it discuss its effect on group members, including their decision making and risk taking.



sample profile
sample comparison report
Everything DiSC Management DiSC Styles Overview Poster Template - Advancing Business People