Advancing Business People - Sales

To sell more, you'll need to connect better!

Even experienced sales people can learn to sell more

You're a salesperson and unique too, there's simply no-one else like you!

You're professional, know your stuff and probably have a super duper widget the world needs today. Great! But even if you're hitting your targets, you can still sell more!

Have you ever noticed when selling to some buyers that closing the deal is an absolute cinch? While others seem to drain you of time and energy and probably still don't buy your widget!

Wouldn't it be great if that was no longer a problem?

So what's the secret? - It all boils down to a few things...

Learn these simple 3 step process to help you sell more super duper widgets


  1. Understand your Sales Style
  2. Recognise and understand your customers Buying Style
  3. Adapt your Sales Style to your customers Buying Style


Even if your an experienced Salesperson, when you discover your unique strengths and limitations, you'll sell more.

To learn your sales style and how to adapt your style to connect better and close more sales, simply jump on the phone and give me a call.

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Everything DiSC® Sales Profile

Uses: Sales, professional development, career development

Who it’s for: Stand-alone profile for anyone aspiring to or in a sales position
Benefits By helping people discover their unique strengths and limitations, Everything DiSC® Sales can convince even experienced salespeople that they can become more effective at their jobs


  • Understand Your DiSC® Sales style
  • Recognize and Understand Customer Buying Styles
  • Adapt Your Sales Style to Your Customer’s Buying Style
  • Free Comparison Reports
  • Free Customer Interaction Maps
  • Sample reports available
  • Profile is for one person
  • A customer interaction map can also be made available
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Everything DiSC® Sales is a classroom training programme that combines online pre work, engaging learning with video, and online follow-up. Using this Sales DiSC® assessment you learn to understand the styles and priorities of your customers. You'll then be able adapt your styles to connect better, and close more sales!

Follow-Up Tools

Everything DiSC® Sales Customer Interaction Maps: These maps are perfect personalized cheat sheets to prepare you for sales calls! It's a one-page follow-up report help you adapt your style to meet the needs of a real-life customer by comparing your selling style to your customer’s buying style.

Everything DiSC® Team View: This tool provides you with an at-a-glance view of any group of people and their individual Everything DiSC maps. There's no limit to the number of people who you can  include and it can be used with all Everything DiSC profiles.

Everything DiSC® Comparison Report: Use this report to build better relationships and make training stick! It's a 10-page report for any two people to show their similarities and differences.

Everything DiSC® Group Culture Report: This report helps you to determine your group’s DiSC culture and explore its advantages and disadvantages.  It also discusses its effect on your group members, and examine its influence on decision making and risk taking.


sample profile
SAMPLE customer interaction map
SAMPLE team view report
SAMPLE comparison report
SAMPLE group culture REPORT