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Follow Up Tools - let's make it stick!

We know about the learning curve, well the bad news is the forgetting curve is a lot steeper!  The good news is that there are lots of things we can do to make it stick.

Which is great because often trainers often focus on designing and delivering effective training and don’t really know how much of it  actually does stick. We can retain far more of the learning by transferring it into real-life situations so participants can practice and use it right away.

And luckily for us Wiley have already sussed this out.  They have produced some follow-up tools to make sure our training is both memorable and effective to give them and your business great results!

everything disc - FOLLOW UP TOOLS 

Workplace Profile Sales Profile Management Profile Work of Leaders Profile 363 For Leaders
Comparison Report Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Team View Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Group Culture Report Yes Yes Yes No No
Sales Interaction Map No Yes No No No

my top 5 tips to make it stick!

1. Action Plan.  Ask your staff (or yourself) what they've learnt and how they'll apply that learning.  It's best to get them to develop and commit to their own action plan.

2.  Tell them why it matters.  The overall aim of the training is to support the overall goal of the business.   They will adopt new behaviours and apply new skills if they know how they impact the organization because it will have more meaning. So tell them!

3. Peer-to-Peer Coaching.  I'm always on the end of the phone but peer to peer coaching is simple for you to do.  Just meet up with someone from your team  for 10 minutes or so every week to review what they learned in the last week from applying the training or want to next week.  If you've a team of ten simply put them in five pairs and get them to ask each other these questions …

1.  What did I apply from the training that really helped, and why?

2.  What did I apply from the training that backfired on me, and why?

3.  What from the training will I focus on next week?

4.  Celebrate the successes.  Even if it's a small success, tell everyone at a meeting or on an email, because it proves you've shown interest in them and it'll give them momentum to keep it going!

5. Support their practice.  Sometimes they'll need to practice lots.  For example, when delivering a presentation or learning a new sale pitch to ensure they become comfortable, confident and natural.

Please call me about any of these follow up tools simple call me and we'll make sure your learning sticks!

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