Most Managers Make These 5 Mistakes…

Most Managers Make These 5 Mistakes - Advancing Business People

Most Managers Make These 5 Mistakes...

If you're a manager or a leader you're responsible for getting stuff done, right? And ultimately all that work such as increasing morale, productivity and customer satisfaction goes towards your business achieving it's results, such as a lovely big profit.

So let's be honest here, if you're going to get stuff done you're going to make a mistake or two along the way. Now, you've probably heard it said that 'mistakes are good learning opportunities'. Which is great, but I think you'd agree it's a good idea we don't make too many!

The good news here is that we can learn from the mistakes that millions of managers have already made because most managers make exactly the same 5 problems.

These 5 mistakes are focussing on status, popularity, certainty, harmony and invulnerability.

I'll explain. They get the job they've always wanted, then become afraid of losing their status, they don't want to hold their people accountable because they're afraid of being unpopular, they're not clear about what to expect from their people and can't move forward when facing uncertainty for fear of making a mistake.

Right now you're probably thinking okay, they're problems, but I cant see a BIG problem here. Nothing here about sales targets, technology or new competitors, and you're right.

But you see businesses rarely fail because the Marketing or the Finance guy doesn't know his or her stuff, because most people in these positions have more than enough knowledge to do a good job.

So if a business does fail and the manager points a finger in their direction he's pointing to the symptoms, not the real problems.

And here's why he's done this. Managers, (not like you of course!) look in areas such as finance, marketing and planning to find answers to their problems and they do this because it's a whole lot easier and a lot less painful than a self examination of their own behaviours.

But that's exactly what you've got to do! Take a look at yourself, or you'll risk the success of your business and make one or more of these 5 mistakes.

The secret is that you need to focus on these 5 simple behaviours...

1. results more than status
2. accountability more than popularity
3. clarity more than certainty
4. conflict more than harmony
5. trust more than invulnerability

Now you know that your success comes down to just a few simple behaviours. But as simple as they may be, they are difficult for anyone to master.

It doesn't matter whether you're a team leader or a senior executive, you're susceptible to these 5 mistakes. I don't have room to explain all this right here but I know you're hungry to be a better manager.

And I know that a body in motion keeps in motion so tell yourself to take the first action and call me for up to one hour, free of charge and I'll explain how you can dodge these 5 mistakes!

Best regards, Jon.

I hope you've enjoyed reading Most Managers Make These 5 Mistakes... and will take a look at my other posts about workplace behaviours, right here.

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