Organisational Health

So, what is organisational health?

Introduction to Organisational Health

Organisational health is the ability of an organisation to align, execute, and renew itself faster than the competition to sustain exceptional performance over time. It comprises core organisational skills and capabilities, such as leadership, coordination, innovation, learning and motivation that traditional metrics don’t capture.

Or to put it in a nutshell: its when it's management, operations, strategy and culture fit together and make sense!

Organisational health is your organisation's greatest opportunity for improvement and competitive advantage.

Achieving organisational health takes some work, however it's simple and free. And when the principles become routine, everyone who works in your organisation will be more productive, successful and satisfied as a result!


Organisational Health - Advancing Business People

So if this massive advantage is simple and free why don't all businesses do it?

Most leaders are still searching for an advantage in largely exhausted areas such as marketing, strategy and technology.  In today's world, information is ubiquitous and information changes hands at the speed of light. Therefore it's harder than its ever been to maintain a competitive advantage based on intelligence or knowledge. 

Opportunities for improvement in these areas are therefore incremental and fleeting at best.  But it's where they continue to tweak the dials.

So why do leaders continue to look in these exhausted areas?  

Because they've been trained in these areas it's where they feel most comfortable.  And what they want to avoid at all costs are subjective conversations that can become emotional and awkward.  This means they fail to access an untapped goldmine, their people!

The benefits of becoming healthier

Instead of trying to become smarter by looking in areas such as areas such as marketing, strategy and technology, leaders need to shift their focus to becoming healthier. 

This allows them to tap into the more than enough intelligence and expertise they already have because;

  1. organisational health will help clarify who you are, what you do, and what kind of behaviour you expect from your people.
  2. with organisational health at the core of your long-term strategic roadmap you'll achieve employee satisfaction, communication, co-operation and true teamwork.
  3. your people will work together instead of against each other.
  4. you'll be more agile, more efficient, more cohesive and able to focus on important challenges rather than the day to day trivia that will drag you down.
  5. organisational health can be the cornerstone of your culture and provide a blueprint for your company's everyday work environment.

Why organisational health is your biggest competitive advantage?

By turning an unhealthy organisation into a healthy one 

  • you'll achieve an improved bottom line.
  • you'll make a real difference to the lives of the people who work there.
  • it will be the most meaningful and rewarding project you'll ever carry out.

What does an organisation have to do to become healthy?

There are four required disciplines.

  1. Build A Cohesive Leadership Team
  2. Create Clarity
  3. Over Communicate Clarity
  4. Reinforce Clarity

Now I know what organisational health is, how do I get started?

Take the first step towards your business or department becoming healthy and give me a call today.

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