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Bill's team were working on a priority job that had to be submitted by the close of play. They got stuck in, worked well and by lunchtime everyone had just about got their parts complete. That is everyone except Sam. He rarely gets his work done early, but this time he sure was under pressure to crack on.

You see, Sam is motivated by co-operation, so throughout the morning he was always on the lookout for opportunities to collaborate with and support his colleagues. He is a talented multi-tasker although he works at a slow and steady pace until something is complete. Because Sam is a team player he knew he had to catch up so he got his head down and conscientiously worked through his lunch.

Great effort! Although for some people this wasn't enough. Time was ticking. Bill was getting tense and cross. He was also doing a poor job at hiding his frustrations. Couldn't Sam at least look as if he's getting a move on? But rushing around like a headless chicken isn't Sam's way. He's patient and tolerant but he's also resistant to change. He works diligently but steadily.

However, it got too much for Bill who yelled suddenly at Sam, accusing him of being slow and putting the whole job in jeopardy. Although this hurt Sam, he didn't react, he never does. Being aggressive with Sam isn't helpful, it simply causes him to hide in his shell. People with Sam's working style are passive. They avoid conflict and may also hold grudges when they experience frustrations and resentments instead of facing issues head on.

Working with people like Sam is such a dilemma because they're patient, warm, friendly and always willing to help. But they're also rigid, slow, and have difficulty with prioritising. Don't they?

Use these 5 Top Tips to get along better with people like Sam

1. Show concern for their feelings
2. Offer your thoughts but be easy going
3. Be logical and organised
4. Tell them about change early
5. Avoid being forceful or confrontational

These Top Tips are a good start to helping help you get along better with your more cautious and reflective colleagues, but we can do much more. By digging a little deeper we can learn how to connect better with them, especially when problems need solving and things get a little tense.

So jump on the phone and speak with me for up to one hour absolutely free of charge and I'll tell you how to handle those tricky conversations with people like Sam because they deserve help with they're deadline dilemmas!

Best regards, Jon.

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