What’s Your Leadership Style?

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What's your leadership style?  Okay, that may be an unfair question to ask so early in this article. However, to be an effective leader we need to know our strengths.  Plus, it's helpful to know how we developed our own unique approach to this role. So that's where we'll start.

Subconsciously we learnt about leading from a very early age.  We watched our teachers, Scouts leaders and older relatives and noted good examples of their leadership. We also noted some that were not so good and thought 'I won't do that when I'm in charge!'

Then in the workplace we noted more examples plus we worked hard and are finally rewarded with this key business position. However, the chances are that despite all this experience, many of us are still not prepared for our new role.

We're now expected to plan, make tough decisions, manage resources and then it gets complex. You'll have to delve into the messy world of people! You have to manage, inspire, motivate and delegate.

To begin with you'll use your natural style, and that's fair enough because that's what you know. But unfortunately your default style will only get you so far.  This is because your team is made up of unique individuals with different needs that you'll have to meet.

There's lots of quotes and evidence to support the need for top notch people skills and here's the Carnegie Institute's findings: 15% of success is due to tech skills, 85% is due to people skills.

So, in order to connect better with others what do you do?  You need to go beyond your autopilot approach and discover new behaviours. And there's good news here because you are not trapped in your leadership style, you can break free!  You can choose other ways of thinking and behaving in your role from today onwards.

There's good news here too. Psychologists, business consultants and experts have devised theories, models and frameworks for us to use. And that's what we're going to do next week, take a simple framework that will help you lead better, whatever you level.

You'll discover your own primary leadership style so you can connect better with your others, lead with success to create a healthy organisation and beat your competition too!

However, if you're a man on a mission (or lady of course) a week is a long time, so call me now and discover your leadership style today!

Best regards, Jon.

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