Why some businesses are simply better

Why some businesses are simply better

Why some businesses are simply better














Some businesses are simply better than others, they just seem to get things right, don't they?

For example, we might choose Costa because we think it has better coffee and a more relaxing atmosphere.  We might choose Apple electronics because of their slick designs.  Or we could choose a local garage because we trust them to look after our wallet as well as our car.

These businesses probably aren't excellent at everything. But they're doing some things incredibly well, and this is their competitive advantage.

What is a competitive advantage?

A competitive advantage is simply anything that we do which is better than our competitors.  This can be doing things faster, cheaper, better, having more knowledge or talent, better customer relationships, and so on.

And your business really needs a competitive advantage because without one it's going to be a mighty struggle!

But there's a snag. A competitive advantage comes and then goes when your competitors catch up. This means it has to be sustainable so you can get ahead again. It's survival of the fittest out there!

So how do we gain the ultimate competitive advantage?

The answer to this has been around for years, but very few businesses today still don't get it, or if they do they don't get on with it!

You see, the greatest single advantage your business can achieve is still organisational health, yet it's ignored by most leaders.

Employee satisfaction, communication, co-operation and true team work are just some of the benefits that will dramatically improve your business.

And there's more.

Organisational health isn't restricted to just your business. Just in case you happen to take the Sunday Service in your parish church or are on the board of governors at your local Primary School you can use it to transform these organisations too!

Next time I'm going to tell you exactly how organisational health can be a driving force for your business to beat your competition.

Of course if you can't wait until next week, you can take a look here for more about Organisational Health  or jump on the phone and I'll tell you now!


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